Duke University

Name of Disability Service Office: Student Disability Access Office

Description of Services:

Our goal is to provide and coordinate accommodations, support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to have equal access to all Duke University programs and activities. The staff of the SDAO encourages and assists students in understanding the nature of their disability and it's impact on their living and learning at Duke University. Students are provided with opportunities to learn about their rights and responsibilities, procedures for requesting accommodations and about the wide range of programs and opportunities available at Duke University. The SDAO staff also seeks to help students become self-advocates in the university setting. Examples of accommodations that might be warranted include, but are not limited to the following: Extended test time to complete quizzes, tests, and examination; Provision of readers for tests and exams as required; Administration of test and examinations in a quiet room with minimal distractions; Provision of a scribe for tests and exam as required; Large Print (tests, articles); Provision of books in alternative format; Provision of Sign Language interpreter/translator; Priority seating; Relocation of classes when necessary; Provision of a note taker to supplement student notes; ADA Van Transportation; Curb-Cuts; Strobe Lights; Access Van (point-to-point transportation); On Campus Emergency Phones; Hearing Impaired Notification Kit

Contact: Dot Mishoe
Email: dot.mishoe@duke.edu
Phone: (919) 668-1267

Website: https://access.duke.edu/students/index.php

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