Elon University

Name of Disability Service Office: Disability Services

Description of Services:

Elon University is committed to the principle of equal opportunity. One of the ways we express that commitment is in our efforts to accommodate qualified students with disabilities as they face the challenges of university life. Faculty, staff, administrators and students work together to find approaches and accommodations that enable students to benefit from the variety of programs and activities on campus. Students are encouraged to use the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center; these services are available to all students. Students with disabilities are provided with accommodations that allow them to access buildings, programs, and curricula of the University. All accommodations are approved on a case-by-case basis; there is no list of approved accommodations that will be provided to all individuals that have any particular diagnosis.

Contact: Zoe Nulty
Email: znulty@elon.edu
Phone: (336) 278-6568

Website: https://www.elon.edu/u/academics/koenigsberger-learning-center/disabilities-resources/accessing-accommodations/

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