Louisburg College

Name of Disability Service Office: Accessibility Services Office

Description of Services:

Louisburg College is also committed to providing each student, regardless of ability, with an equal opportunity for success. All students with a documented disability, whether it's a physical, mental, psychological or learning disability, are guaranteed equal access to all programs and will be provided reasonable accommodations and services at no cost to the student. The Accessibility Services Office is open year round to answer questions and make sure adequate accommodations are provided to all students. All academic accommodations and auxiliary services are provided to students based on individualized programs developed on the student's specific needs, abilities, and limitations through documentation review, interaction, and interview.

Contact: Robin Faulkner
Email: rfaulkner@louisburg.edu
Phone: (919) 497-3302

Website: https://www.louisburg.edu/academics/accessibility-services/index.php

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