Western Carolina University

Name of Disability Service Office: Office of Accessibility Services

Description of Services:

Coordinate and provide accommodations and related support services for students with disabilities, Serve as advocates for students with disabilities while promoting independence, self-determination, and responsibility, Provide training and support for faculty; staff, and administration regarding the needs of students with disabilities; Provide consultation, information, and outreach to parents and prospective students regarding the needs of and services for students with disabilities; Foster awareness and understanding University-wide of issues of accessibility and disability. Services include: alternative testing arrangements, extended time, reduced-distraction testing rooms, readers, scribes, alternative format materials (such as handouts and textbooks in PDF or Braille), use of a word processor,recorders, SmartPens, captioning of videos, interpreters, or assistive technology.

Contact: Paul Perrotta
Email: pperrotta@email.wcu.edu
Phone: 828.227.3886

Website: http://www.wcu.edu/learn/academic-services/disability-services/

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