ISETL 2018

Address: Tempe, Arizona

Dates: 2018-10-10 - 2018-10-13



Founded on the principle of post-secondary student-centered learning from its outset, this organization’s name altered several times over its first thirty-three-years as it blended with, or absorbed, other societies with similar interests and aims.  In 1970, the International Audio-Tutorial Congress (IATC) was born with Sam Postlethwait as the first president. Concurrently, other organizations emerged with developing methods to improve the teaching and learning process through active student involvement. The most widely known of these organizations in those  years advocated such programs as Guided Design (GD), the Personal System of Instruction (PSI), and Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI). While GD was a significant method for both the International Congress on Individualized Instruction (ICII) and the International Society on Individualized Instruction (ISII), organizations advocating PSI and CAI learning methods evolved more independently.