Building ECU Students: Think, Value, Communicate, Lead

College STAR and the US Department of Education (Title III) are partnering to support faculty and the Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research in designing and implementing an educational assessment tool to document and measure the student learning experience at ECU. This assessment tool, the TVCL (Think, Value, Communicate, Lead) Matrix, is a flexible solution for faculty to clearly articulate the expected skills and learning outcomes students achieve in their courses. Imbedded in the matrix are opportunities for faculty to utilize the principles of Universal Design for Learning. This effort is being led by faculty from College of Business, School of Communication, Department of Biology and College of Human Ecology. The first interactive workshop on introducing this matrix to faculty was hosted by Dr. Sharon Ballard, faculty in the College of Human Ecology. Nineteen faculty members attended this workshop. Faculty appreciated the interactive use of the “duplos” to begin the process of illustrating and applying this matrix to their instructional practices. Following this workshop, seven faculty members from the College of Human Ecology formed a Pirate CREW to evaluate the relevance and applicability of this matrix in their academic unit.