Campus faculty learning communities emerging

College STAR is partnering with the Office of Faculty Excellence to provide ECU faculty with a forum to conduct shared research linked to the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and students with learning differences. This forum, known as Pirate CREWS (Collaborating for Retention and Engagement With ongoing Support) aims to explore more deeply examples of best-practice instructional techniques in today’s college classroom. Faculty who participate in these research groups commit to active engagement and follow-through with a group-defined research project while benefiting from research support and mentorship from the Office of Faculty Excellence. The results of this partnership have yielded six faculty learning communities or Pirate CREWS with a total membership of 23 instructors. ECU Pirate CREWS are investigating topics around the use of clickers in large college classrooms, adaptation of the Learning Assistant peer tutoring model from Muhlenberg College, implementation of the Kansas University Course Organizer Routine method, and utilization of the Livescribe pen in English composition class.