College STAR Campuses Successfully Co-Host First Cross Campus Faculty Development Webinar

The campus faculty development directors at East Carolina University (ECU), Appalachian State University (ASU) and Fayetteville State University (FSU) co-hosted the first cross campus faculty development webinar entitled, “Flipping the Class to Support Student Engagement”. Eighty-seven of the 122 registered participants from universities and community colleges across the state of North Carolina participated in this event. Presenters shared the flipped classroom instructional methods they use that also align with the principles of Universal Design for Learning. Dr. Dorothy Muller, Director of ECU’s Office for Faculty Excellence commented, “Presenter, Dan Guberman used UDL language like ‘multiple means of representation’ in a way that sounded like it is now a part of his everyday language. Special thanks to our presenters for sharing their expertise in this unique forum. Presenters from ECU were Steve Sligar, Rosa Bell, Dan Guberman and Heidi Bonner. The presenter from ASU was Mark Venable, and the presenters from FSU were Bonnie Grohe and Shunta Hailey.