Read and Write Software Gives Student an Extra Boost


 When Oluwatosin Rebecca Ayinde started feeling overwhelmed as a freshman at East Carolina University, she turned to the Pirate Academic Support  Center for help.    “I really wanted to do well,” said the 17-year-old from Nigeria, “and I went there a lot.”

 Oluwatosin said she enjoyed the atmosphere at the tutoring center.   She also is grateful to the learning specialist who installed Read and Write Gold software on her laptop to give her some extra help when a course with voluminous material felt overwhelming.

The software is available at ECU and several other UNC campuses through a program called College STAR (Supporting Transition, Access and Retention).   The software “reads aloud” electronic text and helps students with reading and writing difficulties. 

 Oluwatosin says she has found it easy to create an audio file from textbooks and handouts that she can then listen to as she reads along.    “It halved my assimilation time.  I was able to finish lengthy books in less than an hour and I still got all the helpful information that I needed them.   I recommend this software for all college students,” Oluwatosin said.  “It is a great way of grasping the information in academic materials at a fast rate.”

Oluwatosin still spends time at the Pirate Tutoring Center but now she is using her newly found confidence and knowledge to help others.   She has become a chemistry tutor!