Saturday Experiences Continue to Give Students a Boost

Fayetteville area middle and high school students attend a B.O.O.S.T Saturday Experience

Fayetteville area middle and high school students attend a B.O.O.S.T Saturday Experience

Building on the success of two summer B.O.O.S.T. camps, Fayetteville State has offered additional support to area middle and high school students through the Saturday Experience.

B.O.O.S.T. stands for Bringing Out Our Students’ Talents and the camp has been offered the past two summers by Fayetteville State’s Bronco STAR program, a support program for students with executive function challenges (EFC) and ADD/ADHD.

Asya Muhammad, academic success coach with Bronco STAR, explained that each year after camp, parents were asking what other activities were available to their students. "They didn’t want to lose momentum and appreciated how we were helping their students be the best versions of themselves," she explained.

To help meet that need, once a month the Bronco STAR program organizes a Saturday event that teaches a life skill that students may not have received or fully embraced in the traditional school system.

Muhammad said a recent session focused on time management and organizational skills. Students were taught how to use a planner to stay on track with assignments. They also were given tips on how to prioritize their activities. The day included practical tips as well as games, food and the opportunity to meet up with other students who were in summer camp and shared similar challenges in school.

A class earlier in the year focused on public speaking and interviewing skills. In December the group worked on a community service project involving thank you letters to veterans.

The Saturday Experience is free to participants. About 10 students with learning differences participate in each session. Typically they are in grades seven through nine with the majority coming from Cumberland County.