Student Blog Gets New Leadership

The dynamic duo of Logan Darr and Patrick Young are now poised to take on the responsibility for managing the student blog and question and answer section that are part of the College Star program.

                 Logan and Patrick are both sophomores in the STEPP program and eager to share what they have learned about dealing with learning differences with others inside and outside the program. They will contribute to the blog as well as work to obtain answers for questions submitted by students.   A key task will be to increase the visibility of the blog so it can help even more students.

                  From the beginning, the College STAR program has had a focus on sharing as part of its student support mission.    “We are delighted that Logan and Patrick have stepped into this role,” said Dr. Sarah Williams, director of the STEPP program.   “They both applied to STEPP in their junior year of high school and have taken full advantage of the resources available to them.   The fact that they feel comfortable doing this after their first year at ECU shows that they have positive experiences that they can share with others.”

                  Logan said she has a long history of being an advocate for herself.   “I have learned how to tell other people what I need to be successful,” she said.    Logan also said because she has strength in visual areas she hopes she can use her training in graphic design to help give the blog a new, more inviting, look.

                  Patrick said one of his strengths is public speaking.   He has been trained as an Eye-to-Eye Think Different Diplomat and looks forward to getting the word out about the blog by addressing large groups of individuals, especially teachers.   “I am trying to be a bridge,” he said.   “I want to help guide others and show them that those of us with learning disabilities just think differently and have different strengths.”

                  The College Star blog is located at under the Students tab.