Submit A College STAR Case Study

College STAR is currently seeking dynamic proposal submissions from professors and instructors from across the nation. The proposal should be centered around  effective teaching practices and  would result in the creation of online case studies if they are approved. College STAR case studies are organized around the three principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) which can be best described as:

  • Providing opportunities with multiple means of representation
  • Providing students with multiple means of engagement
  • Providing options for multiple means of action & expression

These case studies are intended to be practical professional development resources for college instructors. If you are interested in interested in submitting a proposal, our next deadlines are: 

August 9th or September 20th.

Click here to access the proposal form:

(NOTE: Currently, proposals are limited to faculty from U.S. based colleges and universities.)

$500 of Incentive funding is also available for faculty members whose proposals are selected for full development.  if you have any questions about the case study specifics or proposal submission process please contact the College STAR network Director Ruben Watson at