Although Dr. Dorothy Muller is retiring after 40 years, she talks about assisting students and faculty with the same level of enthusiasm you suspect she brought to her arrival on campus in 1977.

It was a younger, pregnant new Ph.D. who arrived in Greenville with her husband in 1976. She made ECU one of her first stops and began her career with the university as a part-time adjunct professor of reading. The following year, she was on the faculty full-time--sharing her expertise on reading in content areas, a specialty which she now acknowledges as a pre-cursor to the concepts of Universal Design for Learning which she would champion through College STAR.

Muller worked directly with students until 2006, ultimately becoming Dean of the Office of Undergraduate Studies whose mission was to support distinctive education and to provide academic support services to assist students in obtaining the best education ECU had to offer. read more

College STAR News

  • ASU faculty development workshop focusing on the ABC's of UDL

    College STAR at ASU kicked off this term with a faculty development workshop focusing on the ABC's of UDL. The workshop was delivered by Barbara Levin from UNCG, and was attended by over 50 faculty and staff participants, including many of the new tenure-track faculty hires. The attendees were highly satisfied with this introduction to UDL, and reported a high likelihood of implementing some of the principles they learned into their courses. Our next workshop will focus on using a new technology, LiveScribe pens, for instructional use. We will welcome another College STAR campus representative to deliver this on October 1: Tim Hackett, of ECU.

  • Shared Learning Conference 2012: Chapel Hill, NC

    College STAR Year One participants are looking forward to a time of reflection about this past academic year and thinking ahead to Year 2 during our first annual Shared Learning Conference.

  • Campus faculty learning communities emerging

    College STAR is partnering with the Office of Faculty Excellence to provide ECU faculty with a forum to conduct shared research linked to the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and students with learning differences. This forum, known as Pirate CREWS (Collaborating for Retention and Engagement With ongoing Support) aims to explore more deeply examples of best-practice instructional techniques in today’s college classroom. Faculty who participate in these research groups commit to active engagement and follow-through with a group-defined research project while benefiting from research support and mentorship from the Office of Faculty Excellence. The results of this partnership have yielded six faculty learning communities or Pirate CREWS with a total membership of 23 instructors. ECU Pirate CREWS are investigating topics around the use of clickers in large college classrooms, adaptation of the Learning Assistant peer tutoring model from Muhlenberg College, implementation of the Kansas University Course Organizer Routine method, and utilization of the Livescribe pen in English composition class.