STAR Learning Communities

College STAR seeks to help college classrooms become more welcoming places for students with diverse learning profiles, and we are currently recruiting participants for multi-campus STAR Learning Communities (SLC’s). Our goal in creating STAR Learning Communities, is to partner faculty and staff members across different college settings to facilitate shared learning and research around instructional practices that align with the principles of UDL.  When sufficient faculty express interest in exploring the topics of focus each semester, we will launch the new community.  Use this form to express your interest and help kick off a new group.

All learning community members are expected to participate in the following activities:

  • Regular Meetings/ Working Sessions
  • Development of Common Research Questions & Goals
  • Participation in Project-Wide Evaluation Questions
  • Formalized Shared Learning (Webinars, Conference Presentations, Presentations at Respective Campuses)
  • Manuscript Submissions for Publication (Group or Individual)

Additional expectations can be determined by the group. STAR Learning Communities will also receive support from College STAR in the following areas:

  • Group Leadership: Provided by a College STAR core team member or faculty leader in the SLC itself
  • Graduate Assistant Support: Up to 10 hours/week of support from a master’s-level graduate student
  • Structure, Publicity, and Resources (as applicable and as available)
  • STAR Communication Specialist: To help draft news stories about outcomes and activities that community members wish to share

Every STAR Learning Community will benefit from a planning semester followed by an implementation semester, which is a structure that has proven successful with current and former communities.