University of Central Florida: Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Mission Statement

We envision UCF to be a fully accessible campus experience that offers an inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

  • Acknowledging disability as an aspect of human diversity;
  • Cultivating awareness of the environment’s disabling barriers;
  • Collaborating on and proactively facilitating accessible environments and experiences;
  • Educating faculty and staff to create and maintain access in their spheres of influence; 
  • Shifting to an inclusive-minded attitude;

Supplementing with reasonable accommodations as a last resort measure to ensure access

Program Description

Program Overview

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) views disabilities as an integral part of the rich diversity at the University of Central Florida. To that end, we work collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create an inclusive educational environment for students.

Description of Services

SAS facilitates an accessible campus experience for students with disabilities by partnering with faculty, staff and students to address barriers in the environment. We do this through proactive accessible design wherever possible and through accommodations (extended time testing, accessible technology, interpreting and captioning, etc.) when necessary.

Target Population

  • Any UCF student that is experience barriers in their academic environment due to their disability.


Personal Story - UGA - Leveling the Playing Field

Brad Held has been the Accessible Technology Coordinator for the Student Accessibility Services office at University of Central Florida (UCF) for the past four years. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Biotechnology at the University of Georgia in 2006. Prior to arriving at UCF, Brad worked in Assistive Technology for almost ten years: four years in a public school K-12 setting with Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia and five years in higher-education at The University of Georgia and The University of South Carolina.  He is certified in Assistive Technology Applications. Aside from helping UCF students received academic supports, Brad also has a learning disability. Brad uses his personal experience to aid students in being active participants in their education and life.

Program at a glance

How many students are enrolled in this program? 0-24

What are the annual costs for a student to attend this program? $0

Is this program public? Yes

Is this program fee-based? No

how large is the instition associated with this program? 50,000+

What type of institution is associated with this program? University