Student Supports

For any student, finding a college environment that is a good fit in relation to personal goals, preferences, styles, strengths, and needs is important. Students with learning and attention differences may find an even wider range of considerations necessary when researching college opportunities and preparing for a successful transition. We hope this will become a place where students and their families can connect with resources, programs, and people who can help them in their college journey.

Student Support Programs

Use this link to view a listing of programs designed specifically to support students with learning and attention differences, as well as a profile page that provides more detail about each program. We will continue to expand this resource as we learn of new campus programs. Please click here to share programs with us that may be good additions to the list. This directory includes a variety of public and private, large and small, university and college programs with a range of assistance, financial cost, and target student groups.

College STAR anchor campuses are noted with a College STAR Seal. While each College STAR anchor campus (East Carolina University, Appalachian State University, and Fayetteville State University) offers a student support program for students with learning and attention differences, this directory also includes programs that were established separate from (and in some instances long before) the College STAR initiative. Our goal with this resource is simply to put information about different support programs at the fingertips of students who are looking for postsecondary settings that are just the right fit for their goals and needs.

Student Support Program directory

College Bound Transition Curriculum

The College Bound Transition Curriculum is intended to be used by teachers and families supporting transition to college for students with learning and attention differences.

Developed through the STEPP Program, with generous support from the Oak Foundation and the William R. Kenan Jr., Charitable Trust, curriculum materials for both the classroom and home settings can be downloaded at no cost and shared broadly. We only ask that you (1) appropriately reference materials that you distribute to students and others and (2) provide feedback after using the resources. We will soon be adding a link to this site so you can send comments, additional materials, and ideas to the curriculum developers for expanding/refining the resources. We continually revise and expand these curriculum materials based on emerging ideas and ongoing feedback.

North Carolina Disability Support Services "Access" Office Directory

A critical resource for students with identified disabilities on a college campus is the Office of Disability Support Services. These offices provide individuals with disabilities the support needed to access programs, services, facilities, and activities in the college setting. While these offices generally offer outstanding support, the different titles and organizational structures of each college campus can make it difficult to find them – especially if comparing different college settings. Therefore, for those looking at higher education programs in North Carolina, we've compiled a directory of disability support offices at community colleges, UNC System universities, and private universities. In the directory, you'll find useful information about each of the listed institutions and links to contact information.

Disability Support Services "Access" Office directory

Student-to-Student Blog

The Student Blog is an opportunity for high school and college students to share ideas about strategies, routines, study techniques, resources, etc. that they have found particularly helpful in the college setting or the transition process.