Classroom ReDesign

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Sarah Brightman discusses redesigning her courses.


So in the fall of 2015 i redesigned a victimology course that i implemented in spring 2016 and fortunately using that experience i have done a race class and gender course for the fall of 2016. In a general sense i always like to have a very student oriented type of classroom, and so with implementing team based learning, using the udl principles, I’ve really been very intentional with the design teams. Im making the class activities really focus on that team and group learning. Having them prepare ahead of time so that they’re able to discuss the activities in the classrooms,then sometimes i spring fun activities on them that they're not expecting but they have to figure out how to solve problems.

So for the multiple means of engagement i've really tried to use the team based learning as a focus of that approach so that students’ develop the community orientation with their teams and in a sense it makes them accountable to each other on a weekly basis. So that they know that when they’re given  an assignment it's not only their grade, but when they come together as a team if they weren't prepared for that class period then they’re letting down their teammates as well. So it really encourages participation, preparing themselves ahead of time, showing up to all the class periods, and really recognizing they have this group interest in the classroom.

 So in that class I have a lot of journaling, so you know i'll ask  them questions about relating to what they’re studying, so what they're studying in history,  or rock music to music today or new ideas today, you know?  This gets to broader cultural elements of this music. So i'll ask them to think about race issues in american history and how music relates to that.