Micro Moments

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Director Elizabeth Coghill of the Pirate Academic Success Center discusses “Micro Moments,” short videos that provide just in time information to students.


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Coghill, and I’m the Director of the Pirate Academic Success Center at East Carolina University. We started our UDL journey in 2012 and have worked really hard to be able to change the way we do things - tutoring and learning supports with in our learning center at ECU. One of the most recent efforts that we’re doing is called “micro moments.” This is a process of taking some of the basic things that ECU students need to know and do during their academic year and creating a new way for them to look and learn that content.

Typically, what we do - like with find your banner id - That’s usually done through a website and just in a narrative format. What we’re doing is creating short videos, similar to what we’re doing right now, and those videos are going to help our students be able navigate all year long the different processes that they need to do in order to be a successful student. Those little micro moments will be sent to them as the semester rolls out. So when it’s time for registration, they’ll get some registration information not only through narrative content, but they’ll also get it through those micro moments. We’ll be hosting those on our website, the PASC website, and also on a YouTube channel for their support.