Pre-Class Menus

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Lindsay Masland discussing using Pre-class Menus as a form of Multiple Means of Representation in her classroom.


In terms of multiple means of representation for example so I have pre-class activities, pretty much all professors have that. In a lot of traditional environments that means read the textbook right? Well for me what i do is pre-class menus so each kind of mini unit within the bigger units are accompanied by a set of questions,  that by the time you're done with this little mini unit you should know the answer to these four things and its different for every unit and then i give them a many of ways that they can learn that information. So in the menu is the textbook pages that cover that content. There's also if i can find it or if i created it a video of either me or an expert talking the exact that relates back to those four questions that they needed to know the answer to.

There's also a web guide or webquest where they can click through a whole bunch of different websites that if they look at them they can get also get the answer to those questions. And sometimes if it’s appropriate  some like original sources. So higher level stuff, the original research that these principles that were learning about came from. And then i just say to them, the students consult as few or as many of the things on the menu that you want to or need such as that you know the answers to these questions.