Readiness Assurance Process

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Rosa Bell discusses using the Readiness Assurance Process (RAP) as a part of Team-Based Learning.


A feature of team-based learning that I really like is called the Readiness Assurance Process. So students are supposed to become already familiar with the content, and the first thing that we do in class and they take an individual quiz, very simple, all of the basic concepts, it’s multiple choice and they get to answer those questions using clickers. Then they assemble into their teams, and the teams range from 6 - 8 students.

They get to take the same quiz, answer the same questions but this they get hard copies of the quizzes. 3 copies per team, and they have to discuss the questions, read the question , come up with a consensus regarding the answer to each question which requires for them to to be able to, 1. listen to somebody else's viewpoint or interpretation of the concept, and also being able to articulate the fault. Oh 1 more thing that I wanna share in this case is that once they get consensus of the answer of the question they get to, select the answer on this card. This is called a, i guess the immediate feedback assessment technique card or the scratch off card and the students love it. They feel like that it is a game, they are learning while they are having fun, so i think that the team based learning has really really  made it easy for me to incorporate different ways and opportunities for them to express themselves and they can still self evaluate right there “am i understanding this” or “Do i need more help from the instructor, or do i need help from my peers?”.