2020 Virtual Conference Schedule

Below you will find descriptions and meeting links to all of the conference sessions. Click 'session details' for each session to find information about each presenter, details about the session, and presentation materials and resources discussed in the session.

All session times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

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8:00AM - 8:45AM (EDT)


This session welcomes participants, reviews the agenda, and covers the technical aspects of the virtual conference.

9:00AM - 9:45AM (EDT)

Navigating the College Search Process for Students With LD/ADHD/EFD

This workshop addresses: College readiness factors that should be considered for students with LD, ADHD &/or Executive Function difficulties; General and legal high school to college paradigm shifts; How to identify the appropriate college setting for these students; specific college factors and support programs that allow for a seamless and successful transition to college.

10:00AM - 10:45AM (EDT)

Building Your College Support Plan

This presentation will guide participants through transitioning from high school disability supports to college disability supports with a focus on constructing an individualized plan for understanding and accessing available resources at the college level. In addition to highlighting key information about the differences between disability supports in these settings, it will provide specific guidance, tips, and steps that participants can take towards preparing for academic success in college.

11:00AM - 11:45AM (EDT)

Executive Skill Learning Profile

This presentation will elaborate on the areas of executive functioning and discuss the essential executive skill areas that are necessary for successful college students. Facilitators will provide resources for participants to discover their strengths and needs related to the different areas of executive functioning, such as time management, monitoring, motivation, organization, and working memory. Lastly, participants will receive suggestions on how to improve or support these skill areas to prepare them for the transition into higher education.

12:00PM - 12:45PM (EDT)

The Semester at a Glance: Time Management and Organizational Tool

Time management and organization are critical for college success; having the right tools can help with the process tremendously. One of the first tools we at the SALT Center at the University of Arizona, provide our students, is the Semester on a Page or also known as “SOAP”. The SOAP is a critical tool in supporting students in managing the various due dates of all their classes in one location. We do this by reading each syllabus from each course and organizing the document with color or codes in a way that differentiates each class. The goal is that the information is captured at a Glance. The successful completion of the SOAP occurs between the SALT Specialist and the student, while working together to complete the SOAP. During this presentation, I will be discussing how to complete the SOAP and ways to encourage students (or yourself) to use the SOAP to its fullest potential. I will also be sharing some direct quotes from students on their opinions of the SOAP and how they incorporate it in their lives.

1:00PM - 1:45PM (EDT)

Morning Program Spotlights and Q&A

During this session, participants will have an opportunity to learn more about specific programs designed to support students with diverse learning profiles in higher education. Representatives from these institutions and programs will be available to review their program features, discuss eligibility criteria, and share other pertinent information for students, professionals and families. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and schedule time to connect with student support programs after the conference.

2:00PM - 2:45PM (EDT)

Navigator Prep at Beacon College

Seniors across the country are pushed to figure out what's next, but after a college decision has been made, are they receiving support to be prepared for this transition? Students with learning differences are attending college at an increasing rate and we have the opportunity to help them learn skills and strategies that can help them to be successful in college. Navigator PREP is the country’s first virtual transition program for neurodiverse students. Working with students and their parents on executive functioning, emotional regulation, and social skills, we can help families prepare for this life transition. Students can attend any college across the country and participate in this program as curriculum is individualized to each students needs. We will discuss Navigator PREP and introduce a tool that can help families determine college fit.

3:00PM - 3:45PM (EDT)

Beyond Academics: Hard Facts and Soft Skills for Post-Secondary Success

This presentation will help you differentiate between the laws governing disability support at the secondary and post-secondary levels and understand how these changes impact college readiness. Participants will learn strategies for incorporating executive function, social skills and self-advocacy skills into transition planning at home and at school and discuss the pros and cons of beginning college virtually instead of on campus.

4:00PM - 4:45PM (EDT)

Promoting Self-Advocacy: Building Essential Skills for the Transition to College

This session will describe the self-advocacy skills necessary in higher education. In addition, the facilitators will provide tools that students can use now prepare for the transition focused on 3 key elements: knowledge of laws and policies, knowledge about their personal learning profile, and effective communication skills.

5:00PM - 5:45PM (EDT)

The Course Progress Record (CPR) Strategy for College Classes

A Course Progress Record (CPR) is a document that any student can create and use to support their academic success in a college class. It consolidates key information about the course's requirements into a single-page quick reference that can be updated throughout the semester to keep track of the student's performance and progress in the course. This session will teach participants how to create a CPR, how to integrate the CPR into their ongoing academic routines, and how to use it as a tool in various situations throughout the semester.

6:00PM - 6:45PM (EDT)

Afternoon Program Spotlights and Q&A

The afternoon Student Support Program Spotlights and Q&A are your chance to get some time with representatives from each of the Student Support Programs. This is a great time to ask questions and gather more information about the excellent support programs from around the country. Below is a list of each program represented here today. To speak with the representatives simply click the zoom link for that program.

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