Building Your College Support Plan

Adam DenneyAdam Denney is the Senior Associate Director for Program Services with the STEPP Program at East Carolina University. Adam holds a Master of Science degree (M.S.) in Counselor Education with a focus on Higher Education and Student Affairs and a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Special Education with a focus on Adapted Curriculum.


Emily JohnsonEmily Johnson is the Associate Director for Transition Support with the STEPP Program at East Carolina University. In this role, she assists students, families, and K-12 schools in navigating STEPP’s recruitment and admissions process and works with admitted students throughout their transition from high school to college.

Presentation Description

This presentation will guide participants through transitioning from high school disability supports to college disability supports with a focus on constructing an individualized plan for understanding and accessing available resources at the college level. In addition to highlighting key information about the differences between disability supports in these settings, it will provide specific guidance, tips, and steps that participants can take towards preparing for academic success in college. A range of supports and options will be covered to ensure the content is applicable to a wide variety of students/families – including comprehensive programs, disability support access services, and supports available to all students.

Materials and information provided will ensure that participants leave the session with practical, concrete next steps they can take and guidance they can follow in exploring their options for college support and building their own, personalized plan for accessing the resources that will help them succeed. Tools that will help them in this process include a guide to relevant terminology/jargon colleges often use to describe their supports and resources, walk-throughs of steps in each process, and checklists of items to complete. Tips and recommendations based on experiences of current students will be interspersed, and links to additional resources will also be shared so participants can independently explore related areas as needed later on.


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