Promoting Self-Advocacy: Building Essential Skills for the Transition to College

Laurel Grigg MasonLaurel Grigg Mason, M.A.: Laurel is the Director of the Bartlett Labs, part of the SALT Center at The University of Arizona. She oversees data management and assessment within the department and collaborates with researchers around the word on projects that explore students with learning differences in college. Prior to this role, she worked directly with students and peer tutors. Her doctoral work in Higher Education focuses on college access and success for disabled students.


Claudia SandovalClaudia Sandoval, M.S.W.: Claudia received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California. She served as a Student Support Specialist at the SALT Center at the University of Arizona for over 10 years. She is now Assistant Director and leads a team of 14 Specialists who provide a broad range of support to students with learning differences in college. She currently works with her colleagues and students by empowering students to become their own self-advocates! 

Presentation Description

This session will describe the self-advocacy skills necessary in higher education. In addition, the facilitators will provide tools that students can use now prepare for the transition focused on 3 key elements: knowledge of laws and policies, knowledge about their personal learning profile, and effective communication skills.

Students will understand the level of self-advocacy required in college and leave with some templates and frameworks to use in their current and future communication with school and college personnel.


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