The Course Progress Record (CPR) Strategy for College Classes

Alysha GrayAlysha Gray is the Instructional Specialist for the STEPP programs at East Carolina University and serves as the Project Director for the College STAR National Student Support Network. In her daily role, she provides ongoing support to all currently enrolled STEPP participants during the academic year. She develops and teaches the STEPP Program curriculum, which focuses on equipping participants with skills, strategies, and resources necessary to be successful in the university setting, such as time management, organization, study skills, learning strategies, and campus resources.

Sarah WilliamsSarah Williams is the Executive Director of the Office for Faculty Excellence and STEPP Program at East Carolina University. For the past 10 years, she has served as the PI for College STAR, a grant-funded initiative focused on helping universities learn to become more welcoming places for students with learning and attention differences. She previously held positions as a faculty member in the College of Education at ECU and as a middle school special education teacher in the NC public school.


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A Course Progress Record (CPR) is a document that any student can create and use to support their academic success in a college class. It consolidates key information about the course's requirements into a single-page quick reference that can be updated throughout the semester to keep track of the student's performance and progress in the course. This session will teach participants how to create a CPR, how to integrate the CPR into their ongoing academic routines, and how to use it as a tool in various situations throughout the semester.

Participants will learn how to create and use a Course Progress Record (CPR) for their college classes. This tool will help them track key information about the course and their current performance throughout the semester in a convenient and effective format.


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