The Semester at a Glance: Time Management and Organizational Tool

Caroline RaganoCaroline Ragano: As a Student Support Specialist, I work with students to help create their Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) by collaboratively developing goals for success, incorporating academic strategies, and providing students with guidance and encouragement throughout their university experience.

Activities/Interests: I enjoy the beautiful southwest desert and the hidden gifts that come from the desert. I do not have a television or computer in my home, instead I spend my time doing other things including enjoying the desert, gardening, playing my guitar and pursuing other experiences that provide personal growth. I am a leader/musician at the Dances of Universal Peace. Additionally, I take classes and continue to further my educational goals. I also volunteer in three local theaters.

Education: The University of Arizona, B.S., Education, with a focus in Rehabilitation and Special Education; M.A., in Special Education and Rehabilitation; Graduate Certificate, Public Health

Presentation Description

Time management and organization are critical for college success; having the right tools can help with the process tremendously. One of the first tools we at the SALT Center at the University of Arizona, provide our students, is the Semester on a Page or also known as “SOAP”. The SOAP is a critical tool in supporting students in managing the various due dates of all their classes in one location. We do this by reading each syllabus from each course and organizing the document with color or codes in a way that differentiates each class. The goal is that the information is captured at a Glance. The successful completion of the SOAP occurs between the SALT Specialist and the student, while working together to complete the SOAP. During this presentation, I will be discussing how to complete the SOAP and ways to encourage students (or yourself) to use the SOAP to its fullest potential. I will also be sharing some direct quotes from students on their opinions of the SOAP and how they incorporate it in their lives.

You will leave with the ability to create a meaningful SOAP. Additionally you have the perspective of both professional and student perspective of the usefulness of the SOAP to share with your students.


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